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Get Started Now! The Executive Job Search.

The Executive Job Search

Are you an executive in the job search? Then you’ve come to the right place.

THE EXECUTIVE JOB SEARCH is the ultimate course for executive job seekers. 

Imagine the entire job search process broken down into EXACTLY what you need to do, step-by-step, to land the position you want for the money you're worth. Imagine no more!

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Resume Power Pak

Do you feel like your resume isn't perfect? It may represent who you were yesterday, but will it really help you be the person you want to be tomorrow? You're not alone!

The bottom line is that you want to be proud of your resume. You want to feel good about it. You want it to accurately represent and support what you want to be. And for a few of you, you just want to be done with it.

And now, with the Resume Power Pak you can do just that!

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LinkedIn Power Pak

It used to be that the first thing you did when you were out of work is updated your resume. What's more important today is to have an updated LinkedIn Profile.

But where do you begin? Should it be an exact copy of your resume? Should you start sending invitations to everyone you've ever met? Well, probably not.

You need to be strategic about your LinkedIn Profile. You need to look at it not simply in a manner of who can you find, but rather who can find you. And, most importantly, you need to ensure that your LinkedIn strategy transcends this particular job search. But where do you begin?

With the LinkedIn Power Pak, naturally!

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Every Second Counts!

How much is it worth to you to land the right position one month sooner? (Hint: Take your typical annual compensation and divide it by 12) How about one week sooner? Either way you slice it, if you’re an executive in the job search, landing sooner is likely worth thousands of dollars in your pocket. The clock is ticking. It's time to take action. And get you on the path to your next position, today!


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